About Jenn O'Connor, MS, LMT

Jenn O'Connor is the owner of Sustainable Wellness Massage.  She is a certified and licensed massage therapist with over twelve years of experience. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Nutritional Science/Dietetics, a Master's degree in Natural/Environmental Science, and will begin Physician Assistant School in November 2014.  Additionally, she a science teacher, yoga instructor, cyclist, and skier.  She began providing sports massage to Team USA at the Olympic Training Center in 2013 and is proud to be part of the Medical Staff with the U.S. Paralympics Nordic Skiing Team for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia!

Jenn draws from her rich, multidisciplinary background to address her client's unique needs. She uses a combination of deep tissue, sports, and Swedish massage to relax the nervous system, soften muscle tissue, increase joint mobility, relieve pain, and enhance athletic performance. She incorporates a variety of techniques into her work, including neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release. Jenn takes a holistic approach to restoring balance in the body by providing complementary support through yoga instruction, nutrition education, anatomy awareness, and self-care plans.

Jenn at the Olympic Training Center after completing her Sports Medicine Rotation
Jenn has been supporting athletes for over twelve years, both in private practice and through various competitive and community oriented events and partnerships. Some of her favorites include the Olympic Training Center, 2014 Paralympic Winter Games, Killington State Race, Green Mountain Stage Race, Green Mountain Adventure Race Association,  New England Nordic Ski Association, Wanderlust Yoga Festival, Leadville 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race,  Kelly Brush Century, Bolder Boulder, Moab 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race, Leadville 100 Mile Trail Run, Burlington Yoga Conference, and Make a Wish Foundation.

Jenn loves to cycle, ski, hike, practice yoga, and spend time with family and friends.  She returned to Vermont from Boulder, Colorado in 2010 and is excited to be back in the Green Mountain State!

Massage and Sustainability

Sustainable Wellness Massage weaves Vermont values into a comprehensive business practice, by listening to the needs of the community, providing excellent service, and supporting sustainability through sound environmental practices.

Sustainable Products & Practices

• Support of local athletes
• Locally crafted oils
• Green cleaning products
• Conveniently located office 
• Community partnerships
• Over twelve years of experience

The Sustainable Wellness Story

What does sustainability mean to me?

As a small business owner, scientist, and massage therapist, I look at how things intersect and inform one another. For me, sustainability nurtures balance through health, happiness, and community. This perspective allows me to view the world more holistically, with an awareness of the interconnectedness between things. For me, understanding this concept is the crux of sustainability, which drives my work and business practices.

Interconnectedness shows up in my massage therapy practice in several ways. My multidisciplinary background in nutrition, education, biology, and bodywork allows me to take a synergistic approach to meeting my client’s needs, while supporting environmental initiatives. I draw from my diverse experience to make sustainable choices in my business practices. I support athletes by providing affordable, treatment-based bodywork and highlighting their accomplishments. I use locally crafted oils, and have partnerships with local businesses and clubs, including PT 360 and the Green Mountain Bicycle Club. I love being active outside and thoroughly enjoy engaging in sustainable efforts to support people in their adventures!

The Importance of Staying Physically Active While Being Gentle on the Earth

An important part of the Sustainable Wellness story relates to how I view the connection between physical activity,  environmental health, and personal happiness.  An experience which captures this connection is how I became interested in cycling.  While in graduate school, I had a skiing accident which resulted in a serious knee injury and subsequent surgery.  I was no longer able to run and hiking hurt quite a bit. In order to maintain my health and decrease the impact on my knee, I started biking.   I was a student at the time and did not have an abundance of extra money to invest in the sport, so I put the word out to some friends that I was looking for a loaner.  Lisa, a good friend from Jackson Hole, gave me a 30 year old, steel frame, hand-me-down bike (Austro-Daimler) that had been "owned" by several people in Teton Valley.  As to be expected, this bike was in no way flashy, but I was told that "back in the day" it was quite the ride!  I made some improvements, including a a  major tune up, the addition of clipless pedals, and a new saddle.  I rode this bike for nearly two years and recognize the key role cycling played in my overall recovery.  

I continue to love cycling, however, I have upgraded my bike and truly appreciate the comfort of a full carbon fiber frame!  I was able to return the original favor and pass the "Austie" on to another deserving new rider, my sister. We both live in Burlington and ride together when we can, so I still get to see this influential piece of steel from time to time!

Jenn enjoying a ride at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado


"I underwent hip surgery in January 2014 and came back for the second half of the 2014 Mountain Bike World Cup season. It took a crew of people to get me from crutches to the 2014 World Championship podium, and Jenn O' Connor was an essential part of my support crew. In a normal season, I push my body hard, and I need a lot of bodywork to recover, to race at the highest level, and to prevent injuries. In this comeback season, bodywork was even more crucial. Jenn's massage helped me recover and return to racing my best season yet!"

- Lea Davison, Professional Mountain Biker, 2012 Olympian